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Welcome to careers in MONAREX!

Every day, our people play a vital role in helping organizations to create value and increase business performances.
That´s why MONAREX is looking for motivated and talented people. In such an international working environment as MONAREX, you have the opportunity to experience a diversity of businesses fields. In addition, we can provide you with not only quality assignments, but also training and educational support.


Our professionalism, international relationships and financial strength help to make MONAREX a dynamic and rewarding place to work, giving you the opportunity to apply your skills in the environment of a small company with the following benefits (and more):
  • Broadening your experience: working with clients from different industries and with colleagues from different nationalities and backgrounds gives you outstanding opportunities for broader experiences.
  • Life balance: in MONAREX, you can achieve a good balance between your work and home life. You will enjoy flexible working time, generous parental leave and other support such as study leave for graduates.
  • Improving your career prospects: we have developed strong learning and development packages. Working in MONAREX will improve your business skills and add competitive edges to your future career prospects.

Career opportunities

MONAREX has always been recruiting talented people. Whether you are a graduate, or an experienced professional, you can find your own career opportunity in MONAREX.
We welcome also students of universities, especially if they would like to continue working in the field of auditing and tax advisory after graduation.

We help our clients to recruit people according to their needs, mainly in the field of accounting and taxes.

If you would like to work for us or for one of our top clients, send your CV to monarex@monarex.sk

Please pay attention to our updated recruitment information on the website.


MONAREX has had interns from different parts of the world. The latest intern was Kristy from China (official name Jing Zou). How has she found her internship in MONAREX?
Kristy: „During my MONAREX internship, I was immediately plunged into real, meaningful assignments and I worked side-by-side with experts in the business. I gained the full respect of my colleagues and the freedom which allowed me to realise all of my potential. I have enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing that my work has made a difference, while at the same time I have had an invaluable working experience here which has helped me to decide the path that's right for my future career.“

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