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Our activities

Company Social Responsibility

MONAREX has long been committed to improving our communities, our company and our society through charitable activities.
MONAREX is a company with a strong commitment to achieve excellence in business. It also prides itself on being a qualified corporate citizen.
We contribute regularly to support education, arts, sport and environment.


MONAREX has a long history of co-operation with AIESEC. Over the past years, through AIESEC MONAREX has attracted excellent interns from all over the world, and they have played a positive role in MONAREX’s diversity and overall development.

AIESEC is the biggest world organization run by students, present in more than 100 countries in over 1100 universities. AIESEC helps young people to discover and develop their potential. If you would like to know more about AIESEC in Banská Bystrica check: www.aiesec.sk/bb.



MONAREX took part in a first year of business incubator of Uni2010 in 2010. We provided a case study to be solved by a team of young people studying at Economic faculty of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica. Beside an interesting solution of case study, we also gained contacts on talented people and two members of that team are now working with us.
Uni2010 (www.uni2010.sk) is an organisation developing talent, vision and entrepreneurship of young people. Main initiatives of Uni2010 for the year 2010 are to develop programmes to help young people to realise:
  • What they are good at (talent),
  • What they want (vision),
  • And how to achieve it (entrepreneurship),
and to implement those programmes into environment of Slovak educational system.
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